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Technician FAQ’s

What is CHAIR?

Think of CHAIR as dentistry for “immediate load full arch cases” available when and where the doctor needs it. Doctors schedule online, on-demand, and are matched with the closest, most competent, and available technician for the requested procedure and CHAIR takes care of the rest.

How does CHAIR work?

CHAIR is a community of skilled lab technicians across the country, following a professional code of conduct, covering a span of differing in-office procedures that dental practices need. CHAIR will market these services to dentists nationally. When a doctor request is submitted (date, location service requested, etc.) CHAIR will offer the job to the lab technician community with the goal of quickly aligning a lab technician to the service request. Once the technician has been assigned, the doctor confirms the service request and pays for the order. CHAIR then coordinates between the doctor and the technician both before and after the chairside service to ensure everything goes well.

CHAIR is not a competitor to your business but rather an asset.

If you are a small lab, or a large organization, leaving the lab for the day to work with a client chairside can be a rewarding experience but sometimes it can be stressful. The work, phone calls, and emails can back up at your office, causing you to work long hours or weekends just to catch up. For larger labs, having key technicians out of the lab can also be a burden and if you dedicate staff for clinical support it is hot and cold keeping schedules full. CHAIR is here for you on demand, CHAIR lets you work on your business while it works for it.

When did CHAIR start?

CHAIR is a new cloud-based company that is made up of a network of labs, lab technicians and dentists. CHAIR is created after recognizing a need for the lab technician full arch clinical support by the dental community nationwide.

Are any special credentials required?

CHAIR requires experience and knowledge from all its participating technicians. This experience and talent are thoroughly evaluated as part of the onboarding validation procedure. You will be expected to have a great chairside manner understand and anticipate what needs to be done, and be comfortable speaking up in a respectful way to ensure the case goes well.

How do I get paid by CHAIR?

As the service provider, you will go to the CHAIR website and file a report that the service is completed, then the doctor is required to rate your service as well. Money will be transferred to the account that you registered with CHAIR shortly after the doctor rates your service, or within seven days, whichever is sooner. With CHAIR, you never have to worry about being paid we collect prior to the procedure’s completion.

Is there a contract that I must sign?

Yes, we have an agreement on the registration page of the site with acknowledgements, a code of conduct, indemnifications, HIPPA, and a strict non-compete/non-solicitation policy.

Can I quit any time?

Yes, this is a month by month agreement, with a 30-day notice if there are pending surgeries which you have agreed to assist. If we can find a substitute technician, then the relationship can be cancelled right away.

What is the contact information for CHAIR?

We have an 800 or 888 4 CHAIR (24247) if available,

What if I have a question or situation when I am in the field?

CHAIR’s job is to make sure you are very familiar with the case being presented to you. All the details of the case will be discussed in advance so there should be no surprises. If there is a situation that needs immediate support, you call the CHAIR hotline and a dedicated technician will be available to provide full support.

How do we communicate while I am on the road?

Everybody has technology, a smart phone, an iPad, a computer in the doctor’s office, a laptop, etc. We communicate with these technologies and are always ready to help. You will be able to call us, email us, and connect with us via online chat on the CHAIR website.

What if a doctor or patient files a complaint?

Our policies are customer-focused and service-orientated to make the best match between surgeon, doctor, and CHAIR personnel. We will address this issue on a case by case basis and make sure that any situation is handled to the satisfaction of all individuals involved.

What if I have a complaint about a doctor?

CHAIR will settle all disputes. We have agreements that both parties sign when coming onboard that manages arbitration of disputes. It is important that both sides are heard and that a fair outcome is realized.

What if a doctor asks for my phone number for future cases?

We have a strict agreement in place that prevents a technician from sharing current personal or lab information, this is essential to maintaining the unbiased nature of the brand. Any requests for personal information must be denied. They can always contact you through CHAIR.

Can I tell a doctor that I live near his office?

No, we are a national organization and we support doctors all over the continental U.S. technicians don’t want lie. The agreement between CHAIR and the technician is firm that a technician contractually can only work with the doctor through CHAIR for a specified period of time.

What if a doctor asks to work a specific technician?

CHAIR will try to match this request as best as possible. If you have another engagement at this time, we will give the doctor a choice of another technician.

Why do I need to join CHAIR if I can do this in my own area with my customers?

CHAIR can compliment the business you already have, or give you a new direction to reinvent your work-life balance. CHAIR gives you access to new customers, an opportunity to get paid after the procedure is completed, the opportunity to work with the best clinicians across North America, will keep you busy as a technician, and expose you to the cutting-edge technology.

How do we start this process?

Fill out the online CHAIR registration form A CHAIR representative will reach out to schedule an online interview with you, where we will discuss your skills and experience, conduct a mutual Q&A session so we can get to know each other, and understand what you want to get out of CHAIR. We will also request you provide the contact information of a few doctors that you have done chairside servicec with so we can reach out and understand their experience of you. Depending on experience, we may request that you observe you at procedure prior to being approved for a CHAIR membership.

Are you responsible for bringing your own lab equipment?

Yes, you are responsible to have equipment to perform the task; if you don’t have equipment we could provide that to you, at a fee, and ship it to the doctor. It will have to be shipped back to CHAIR to be sterilized for the next use. Payment for the procedure will be reserved until we receive the equipment back at our facility and inspected.

What about the consumable materials for the procedures?

Doctors are responsible for chairside materials. CHAIR technicians will bring back-up materials. We can make suggestions for all chairside needs, both pick-up materials, burs, wrench kits, etc. CHAIR has a full kit available for purchase. In the CHAIR agreement, the doctor and technician know who is providing what.

Does CHAIR provide surgical gowns/scrubs?

Yes, scrubs with CHAIR logos must be purchased from CHAIR to attend a surgery.  Designed PPE will also need to be worn. The scrubs will be a small (at cost) commitment from you and an investment for you as a service provider to buy outright.

What happens if the surgery goes over the time limit and I must stay another night?

We have a clause in the contract with the doctor that they sign that if the procedure takes longer than anticipated you will be paid on an hourly basis plus expenses. You never have a risk of losing money with CHAIR, each procedure will be profitable for you.

Weather related delays – what happens if we cannot get to the location?

Unfortunately, if there is a cancellation of flights, snowstorm, hurricane, or any weather-related delay, you must call the CHAIR office to report this as soon as possible. We will contact the office to attempt to get another technician onsite or try to cancel the surgery.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Click Sign Up link and let’s start the process.